At our company, positions both at our headquarters and at our stores are filled on the basis of a skills-driven recruitment process. For positions at our headquarters, we evaluate resumes received via career placement websites, our own website and recruitment agencies. For positions at stores, in addition to these, we also evaluate applications from the channels shown on the Career Opportunities visuals based at stores.

For all positions, a minimum two-stage interview is conducted. Following evaluation of all applications received, Human Resources Department conducts interviews and qualified candidates, then meet with the Head of the relevant department.

Depending on the requirements of the position, an evaluation center may be used, and case studies, English proficiency and personality tests may be conducted.

After the final phase of reference control, Human Resources Department presents job offers to successful candidates.

Once the candidate begins work, he or she takes part in orientation programs to accelerate adaptation to the company's corporate culture. During their first week at work, all Headquarter staff participates in a field orientation, visiting all of our brands' selected locations. This orientation ensures that they have firsthand experience of our brands and also helps them to build strong bonds with the team in the field from day one.

For positions in our stores, interviews are conducted by store managers and the Human Resources Department.

For managerial positions, a personality test is conducted.

If the interviews are successful, a job offer is presented to the candidate by Human Resources.

During their first month with the company, employees take part in an orientation program organized by the Human Resources Department. During this orientation, new employees are introduced to our company's corporate values, procedures and departments and also receive a copy of company employee handbook.

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