"I am still learning," Michelangelo

In order to ensure our employees' continuous development, annual training plans drawn up to guide their career development, include educational opportunities both in Turkey and abroad. The numerous international brands in its portfolio, support our company with know-how for educational and training programs. Our company provides employees with training programs tailored to the requirements of their position and business unit.

For store positions, staff receive in-depth brand and product training, as well as applied sales techniques training. At the same time, brand orientation and on-the-job training provided by store managers and regional managers help employees adapt to their team and position from day one.

In keeping with our company's policy of "promoting from within," we place particular importance on the training and personal development of our colleagues. Every year, following the completion of the performance evaluation process, a detailed and in-depth training analysis is conducted and personal education and training programs are designed for each employee. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the planning of personal development training programs, process management and reporting.

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